Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nail Art and Review | Fairy Blood

This weekend, I took a break from sucking down creme freezes and went on the hunt for the perfect holographic nail polish. I debated between the various drugstore selections including Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors and Wet n' Wild; I decided on "Let Me Go" by Sinful Colors.
Even though I wish the polish had a little more opacity, the translucent consistency still gives a wonderful "your nails, but magical" look; I feel like I dipped my fingers in fairy blood because I'm evil and creepy like that.
The pinkish, greenish and golden particles are reflected depending on the light, which makes moving my hands really awesome. If you're looking for a subtle holographic shade, this one's great however, I'll probably still try to find one with a little more depth.
Cig swipe colors: Black and white nail art polishes by Milani and neon orange by Art Club

Day 42: Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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