Thursday, June 13, 2013

The New Other

F21 continues to randomly impress.
Chillin' with a new pair...and hating myself.

He couldn't hide his deliberate was desperate, really.
"Como te va?" she asked.
"What? What's that?" he said with theatrical confusion.
But he knew...he was too old not to identify his own tongue, but all too willing to disown hers.
She spoke in heavily accented English the rest of the time.

Her hooded eyes finally recognized my presence...
"I don't see you anymore, how come I don't see you? Where you been?"
She glances at my shoes...
"No boots today? You used to always wear these boots..."
I could have shared the new pair in my shopping bag, but I mostly smiled and nodded in response.

With his tightly clipped hair and his even neater mustache, it was still clear as day.
With his underwhelming stature and and his skin dyed a dull shade of amber, the aesthetics don't lie and could never be washed out of existence.
He was just as other as she would always be.

Day 44: didn't submit...reading between the lines

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