Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nail Art and Review | Holographic Harmony

Green Holo, Silver Holo and Pink Holo
If you read this post, you probably saw this coming and if you happen to live in my area, they're 99 cents (down from $10!) at UO so grab 'em before they sell out.

They're all perfect by default, but a review is still necessary:

SHINE: IT'S FUCKING HOLOGRAPHIC YO! A top coat helps though.
FORMULA: Opacity in one coat--technically. The thing is, because it's basically a light refracting substance, a thin layer achieves the holographic look flawlessly, however, when direct light is not present, any streakiness in application is noticeable so it's really up to you on how many coats to apply...I guess just stay out of the shadows if you want to dazzle 24/7. 
Another Note: It dries VERY quickly and the brushes of UO polishes are very small so that means it's a little tricky to apply a smooth even layer. Make sure to get a really good glob on there in the first swipe because it literally starts to cement in the time it takes to dip back into the bottle to fill in any gaps.

...I guess that thin brush will help me use them sparingly.
This look was inspired by a YouTuber I follow named Ilyjessicaomg, the girl always has the coolest and most random nail art and I thought the colored spots at the base helped enhance the holography (that should totally be a class you can take in college...).
...taken with no flash, just the sunlight hitting them through the window in my room.
Spots created with L'Oreal "club privé", Milani black and white nail art polishes, Sinful Colors "amethyst" and Revlon "sweet tart"

There's a "large print" holographic polish available too for $5 and I think I'll be picking that one up next, I need my nails to look magical as fuck for the rest of the summer.

 Day 79: ...still untouched and unmoved.

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  1. I love the bluey-green one! I need to get down to UO! <3

    Ellen xx


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