Monday, June 23, 2014

A.U.I.M.E. | Beginning with the End (part two)





...and here's part two. All of these selections are artists I have either never heard of before or never invested in.

Jarell Perry-Simple Things...I honestly don't listen to R&B very much anymore because I'm never impressed with what's out there--it just can't compare to the '90s. However, this kid's voice is He's like this generation's Brian McKnight with a lot more edge; so much class and sensual flavor to every note paired with unexpected celestial elements. I heard about him on Kid Fury's website a long time ago and was totally taken aback at how effortless and powerful his vocals are. The entire album is found for free HERE. Do your ears a favor and just download it, okay. Fave tracks: Getaway, Happy 4 U, Win, Aviation High.

Tinashe-Reverie...This young lady is another artist that made me return to listening to R&B. She writes a lot of her own material and creates music with a unique sound that I first discovered on one of my favorite blogs, Malibu Mara. Since then I've seen her featured in a random acne solutions commercial, not the best platform, but I gotta admire her hustle. Check her out HERE. Fave tracks: Come When I Call, Fear Not, Slow.

Kenna-Land 2 Air Chronicles II: Imitation is Suicide Chapter 2...This guy is so underrated. I've actually been listening to him since 2006, before I could even afford the luxury of buying music. Since then he's kind of remained behind the scenes with a few minor hits here and there and a long resumé of being an awesome person and musician. I had to pick up this three-song EP because the track "Long Gone" would not get out of my head.

In This Moment-Blood...This band has been around for a minute now, but it wasn't until I heard their hit, "Whore" that they caught my attention. I have never heard a female vocal like Maria Brink and their music just gives me so much life every time I listen. Fave tracks: Blood, Scarlet, Burn, Comanche.

Gemini Syndrome-Lux...This band is sort of in the same genre of progressive metal/screamo as In This Moment, but actually relatively new to the scene. The lead singer looks like a heavy metal Santa Clause and their music sounds like all of those hyper masculine rock bands that started coming out in the early 2000s except way less douchy. Fave tracks: Pleasure and Pain, Morning Star, Take This, Lux (outro).

Jaymes Young-Dark Star EP...Young is another new artist on the brink as he's starting to gain a little traction with some of his songs getting featured here and there--I definitely see his quiet, but compelling sound getting a bigger spotlight very soon. Fave tracks: Moondust, Dark Star.

The Pretty Reckless-Light Me Up...Remember Jenny from Gossip Girl? She sings--like, really fucking well. I actually remember discovering Taylor Momsen's kick ass vocals through watching YouTube videos posted of shows she would play with her band at the ripe old age of 16. I honestly always feel weird getting into music created by someone so young because I can barely remember what my problems were at that age so it's hard for me to relate to what the songs are about. Nevertheless, I couldn't get the catchy, edgy tunes out of my head or ignore Momsen's undeniable talent. Fave tracks: Make Me Wanna Die, Zombie, Miss Nothing, You. 

Banks-London EP (among other singles)...I have literally scoured the internet to listen to and purchase everything this woman has put out. She is also a Malibu Mara find (girl's got good taste) and my new obsession. I think she's sort of a hybrid between The Weeknd (who she's toured with) and Florence Welch; very dreamlike, arresting perfection. Her full album comes out later this year and is supposed to include all of the tracks I already have, but I don't even care, I'd buy them twice. Fave tracks: Waiting Game, Fall Over, Brain.

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