Friday, July 4, 2014

Nail Art | Fireworks I guess...

...I mean, not really, but can we just go with it for the 4th of July? Okay, cool.

"Minimalist sparkle" would have been the original title, but I felt obligated to go with a Forth of July theme because I'm lame.  I love the look of nude nails for summer and I decided on this design because patterns at the base of nails tend to make them look longer. They also glowed because why not have glowing nails when you're outside watching things explode?
Revlon, Milani, China Glaze
 For the second look, I kept it basic with some layered shimmer and sparkle...



I'm kind of loving the colors in Revlon's Brilliant Strength line. I have yet to see any real change in my nails, but I have this color on my toes right now and I think it's fantastic for those who like a neutral toe manicure with a little pop. 

Hope you guys had just as relaxing a Forth of July as I did.

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