Monday, July 7, 2014

(Not Really) Recipe | Grilled Non-American Cheese

Okay so obviously this post is really going to live up to the series name because who doesn't know how to make grilled cheese? If you don' unfortunate. 

To be relieved of such ignorance, follow the words and pictures for my version of an American classic:


Here's what you'll need:
  1. Cheese (pick one or two that are NOT American. American cheese is stupid)
  2. Some spice; I love oregano and I think basil also has a sweetness that complements cheese
  3. Bread; whatever you prefer
  4. Butta baby!
  5. Also some tomato something...either soup or sauce or whatever tomatoness you want.
  6. Tools: frying pan and a spatula

Step One: Melt two Tbs. of butter in a pan.
Step Two: If you keep your bread in the freezer like I do, heat it up in the toaster for like 15 seconds then slap it on the pan...

Step Three: let the bread soak up that buttaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.........fattening. 
Let it brown a bit as you flip it and sprinkle a little spice as it soaks.

Step Four: Put the cheese down; mine is munster, one of my favorite non-American cheeses. Spice it again because you wanna be fancy like me.

Step Five: Make a sandwich and keep flipping until that cheese melts.


...but wait...

Step Four and a half: Add more cheese because obviously....

Non-American grilled cheese is dangerously addictive. 
Please be careful.

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  1. OMG yes...This is all I want right now. I have to make this for lunch...been way too long since I've had a grilled cheese. *drools all over keyboard* & Munster...mmm my fav!!!


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