Sunday, August 24, 2014


Had to pick up some new was almost not big enough because I have a shopping problem.

The modest was like a swanky dorm room.
My plastic tarp and 400 thread count Ralph Lauren sheet set up...I totally upgraded that shit.

It was like a slice of....Michigan.

I never turned it on actually. Nicest looking thing in the room so I decided to at least take a pix.

Did a new make up look before I went out to the clubs. It's a new MAC palette I'll probably review later.

YUM...and eaten basically in the afternoon.
It was located just a 10 minute walk away from the hotel. I hadn't shopped there since my debit card info was hacked.

This will be the first of many travel blogs in the near future...
I've decided I should do a midwest tour and then work my way up from there because let's be honest it can only go up from the Midwest, right?

My first trip was a week and a half in Minnesota where I experienced all the attractions a bigger, richer version of Michigan had to offer...including a Super Target (no, I did not have time to the Mall of America, but from what the locals told me, I wasn't really missing anything). Also, the accents were super cute especially when they were going off on a tangent about their lives.

The Crowne Plaza hotel I stayed at was just okay for was rated online as three stars out of five. I could see why and where those other two stars went...but I survived thanks to a tarp over the not-nearly-as-clean-as-they-should-be beds. Additionally, the staff was super nice and they let me order breakfast sometimes after hours (probably because I tipped them really well) although the food was also three out of five stars, but not for anything FDA violating.

Even though I stayed in the suburbs of Plymouth, I spent a lot of time walking the city and trying to enjoy the club scene (it was kind of dry...for various reasons I will not even bother to detail) and the shopping was nice, especially uptown Minneapolis.

Overall, Minneapolis was a cute city, but unless there's something super-DUPER special going on all of a sudden, I don't see myself going back.

Wisconsin is next...I heard they don't fuck around when it comes to cheese.

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