Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fat Skinny Lady

 It was a little over 60 degrees so I decided to wear them...
American Eagle men's cardi; thrifted men's denim shirt; U.O. fleece leggings and beanie; Emma Go strappy sandals
...and as you can see, the little table that used to sit off to the side of these photos is gone now because I have finally rearranged my apartment so it looks less like shit...I didn't bother to take an "after" photo because it is in fact, still shit--just less now.

I had to shape it up a bit because the housing office is showing it to broke, tasteless people interested in living here next year. When the guy walked in to look around he made a comment to the housing lady about how small it was and I was tempted to scream out, "DUDE, UNLESS YOU'RE A MONK WHO HAS SURRENDERED ALL MATERIAL POSSESSIONS, DON'T LIVE HERE."

The young lady from the housing office actually said there were units even smaller than mine. Unbelievable.

But enough apartment bashing. This post is about food-glorious, delicious fooooooood...

...first of all, this happened. 

It's from Cold Stone and I wanted it because it's my birthday in a couple months so why procrastinate? I'm celebrating early. By myself.

...I also had a craving for pretzels and cheese. So I had some of that along with a chai tea smoothie which I didn't know was a thing.

...then I decided to make a stop at this new restaurant called Mac 'n Cheez because I knew it would have even more cheese...I ended up going a healthier route though...
...I got a bacon and chicken wrap and that's a crapload of spinach...
...but of course I had to balance it all out.

This concludes today's fatass diaries. Bye.

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