Monday, October 27, 2014

Shoe Unboxing and Review | Acne Studios Hiloh Thigh High Boots

image it happened again, but I have no regrets because I've waited all year for the perfect pair...

I got them via Shopbop and they arrived beautifully packaged in the signature vintage pink box, complete with dust bags. 

I remember when I first saw them on the site I was having one of my many insomnia attacks while wishing a pair of flat thigh highs could be manufactured into existence so I could finally get some rest and quit stalking boutique sites before bed (well, let's keep it real, it was while IN BED when I'm supposed to be sleeping). Then I clicked onto Shopbop and there they were looking like everything I could ever dream of if I could get to sleep before 8 a.m. (only a couple sizes left by the way). 

I thought they were very reasonably priced and I didn't waste any more time debating, I ordered them the next day (well, technically the same day when I woke up because I discovered them at about 6 a.m.).

...taken with flash, but they really do have a sheen that reflects the light a bit like they appear here.
...I found the sheen on the leather shaft a little unexpected, but obviously a pleasant detail. The shaft (from the top of the heel to the top of the boot) measures 28 inches, a true, but modest thigh high. 

The heel is 2.5 inches with about a .75 inch platform. As you can see, it's a standard matte leather finish covering the entire structured foot/lower ankle area. 

 ...even though the foot and ankle area is very structured, it is leather lined and will no doubt stretch. However, I noted that they fit slightly small in width; I have a narrow foot and I definitely would not have been happy with a size 10 (I got a size 11 or 41 and I usually get a size 40). The length is just enough to keep my toes comfortable with regular socks on (maybe thick socks when I break them in a little more).

Here's the first try on...remember, I was all messed up the day they arrived so I didn't really have the energy to slide them all the way up. I have to admit it does take some elbow grease to get them on and pulled up due to the very tailored, sleek fit. I am wearing some regular leggings here and have worn them with my thicker wool leggings as well, but I cannot wear them with jeans or jeggings.

image's a quick iPod snapshot of them on the bus during my first wear outside. Even though the shaft is a stretch leather, it's supple enough to hold shape when I move (probably because they are lined as well). As you can see, when I sit down they don't fall or slouch down when my leg bends, they stay about four inches above my knees all the time.

Well, that was rather thorough--moving on to more serious issues...

I don't really know how to say this or whatever, but I'm actually kind of having a mild fashion crisis (I'm such a bougie brat sometimes, I know, I know)...I don't think this is going to be the last pair of thigh highs I purchase...I love my Hiloh boots, but it would be nice to be able to have a black leather pair that went over denim...but then again I don't even wear denim that much...and they are so Elena Perminova and I'm kind of obsessed with her style...

Elena Perminova Street Style Street Fashion by STYLEDUMONDE Street Style Fashion Blog
...she actually makes no sense as a style muse for me; she's just so not minimalist like, look at that sweater, I would never--not the hat or that bag either...but the way she wears Chanel thigh highs like they're sneakers is everything.

...however, this is the look from a year ago that basically started my quest for leather boots that hit mid thigh.

Rihanna is literally the catalyst for about 50 percent of my wardrobe suggestions (the other half are a slew of other style muses). Sometimes, I don't know whether or not I need something until I see her wearing it and I'm like, "yes-YES I DO actually need that thing in my life in order to continue functioning..."

...for now I think I'll survive, but if I'm not over my dilemma (and it's still keeping me up at night), I'm going back to Margiela to satiate my desire.

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