Thursday, October 23, 2014

wool cankles and taco dogs

thrifted menswear leather jacket; Victoria's Secret boyfriend hoodie; La Garçonne wool leggings; men's wolverine wool socks; Emma Go Rumi sandals; Carol Caron leather bag; UO hat and glasses.
...IDGAFashion at its finest.
I said I would attempt to style my new strappy heeled sandals for the cooler fall weather and today was the day, a sunny, 55-degree day...probably not going to repeat this with such thick hideous socks, but at least I was warm.

...on to the food portion....
 ...this was the lazy cooking of the day; picked up some spinach and mozzarella stromboli at Sbarro; yummy and healthy(ish).
 ...and of course I had to go get some cookies 'n creme froyo (with a little taro on top) before the Project Runway finale came on (I do actually care enough about fashion to watch).
So Halloween is just around the corner and there was some event going on where kids could trick or treat with their parents in the daylight to keep them from diabetes and pedophiles, honestly, I don't know what it was all about, but they were everywhere and it was a little annoying reminder that I will probably die a cat lady. However, I was charmed by the few people who decided to dress their dogs up as delicious food. I spotted a taco dog on the street and I wasn't quick enough to get a quick iPod snap, but thanks to the magical internet you can also see the wonderfulness of canines dressed as cuisine, enjoy.

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