Monday, December 22, 2014

Nail Art and Review | Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail Polish

....annnnnd the beauty section is back on track with a quick, but hopefully thorough review on yet another textured nail polish (you guys remember last year when everybody just had to have some particles in their polish?).

Sally Hansen recently released a new line of mattified nail colors that I guess are supposed to mimic velvety texture. The polish is definitely smooth with some subtle texture, but I'd say it's more fancy wall paint than velvet.
CONSISTENCY/APPLICATION: The best thing about this polish is that the color goes on exactly how it is in the bottle and it settles very nicely. Because it's a textured polish, it takes a moment to completely dry, but once it does, it forms a shell-like coating that resists that annoying hairline cracking matte polishes get sometimes.*
OPACITY: Opaque in one layer, maybe a few filler swipes, but no need to dry and reapply.
FINISH: Matte finish with a very subtle sheen.
*Make sure you use the correct base coat that "matches up" with the polish (it's kind of complicated actually, like some substances in polishes make them chip easier if you don't use the right base...substances I cannot spell or pronounce correctly, but it's a real thing I assure you). These are by no means long lasting, but I'm sure if I used the right base coat (one by Sally instead of Essie maybe) I would have at least gotten a little longer manicure life than the standard three to four days.
Accent colors: Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in Checkmate; Milani red sparkles
Lush is the first color I tried. At first I thought it would be only a little darker than that accent nail color, but like I said, it looked exactly as it does in the bottle, a pretty mink hue.
Accent nail: Revlon CGE Winning Streak; Essie pink sparkles ('scuse my edges)
Crushed is a vibrant, rich magenta that makes me happy the longer I look at it.
Accent: Revlon CGE Sky's the Limit; Milani teal sparkles
Deluxe is not my favorite of the four because the color doesn't settle as well due to the dark tone however, I know it will look incredible if styled with some bright contrast. It was between this color and the black one ("velveteen") and I figured since I already have enough black polishes and a lot of mattifying topcoats I should get a is black's sexy cousin anyway.
Accent: Essie Turquoise and Caicos and Wet 'nWild Fergie gold glitter (it sucks btw, don't buy it)
Plush is my favorite of the bunch, I imagine it would look amazing layered up with Deluxe.

Overall, the polishes are kind of a must have if you're into matte finishes without the extra step of a mattifying top coat. I don't know if they are still available in stores (the kiosk I saw them in said "limited edition"), but they are available online.

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