Thursday, December 25, 2014

Quickie Christmas

Now that I'm in my own place, I made the decision to keep things cute for Christmas--cute and sloth-like. After I dragged myself out of bed, I decided to head over to my mother's house to look at my family for a moment and I discovered my favorite sibling has become almost as bougie as I...
Here she is trying on my Isa Arfen alpaca coat, she was like, "I can't get enough of this LUXURY!" Neither can I. I'm still planning on hitting up my favorite online stores for the last few things before my spending ban begins at the end of January (January is my birthday month so I'm not trying to stop spending then, obviously).

...I'm also still trying to get back into baking with some Philsbury sugar cookies, complete with frosting and sprinkles. They look so festive it makes me feel less "bah humbug" around the holidays (even though I am a total Scrooge).

...and since my sleep cycle stays out of wack, I'm thinking I should give this gel manicure thing a try tonight. I have no idea what they mean by the gel being activated by natural light, if they mean sunlight, oh well it's too cloudy and you all know I sleep through the mornings anyway. Hopefully the bulbs in the ceiling will suffice.

Happy Holidays guys!

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  1. I'm on that no spending thing starting NOW...also...every time I go on Insta or your blog I'm drooling over all the food. It is taking all my willpower not to go and get a cookie...Its 2am...Pls help me.

    BTW I LOVE that coat...I mean just...ugh I want that. I also bought one of those polishes at Target the other day but didn't go with the base coat/top coat they recommend or whatever. I haven't tried it yet. I hope you review them or at least text me...lolol.


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