Friday, January 9, 2015

Anti-Freddy Krueger Winter Beauty Regimen

Since the frigid temps can make your face feel like it's actually been ripped off...
...clearly the results of lack of moisturizing*
My Daily Winter Beauty Regimen

When I first wake up I always rinse off my face with cool water (warm is okay, but hot will dry out the skin). Then I follow up with a few drops of pure jojoba oil, which I have spoken about before as one of my holy grail products. It mimics sebum, which can help prevent acne and other skin issues.

The next step is even more important though, sunscreen:
I've been using Aveeno sunscreen for years now, starting with SPF 15 then after doing some research, I learned even black people have to use at least SPF 30. I haven't seen that level for a while now (maybe it's been phased out since global warming is real and the sun is meaner these days) so I use SPF 50. This formula is so hydrating and doesn't leave a weird white cast like some sunscreens do; it provides the perfect long-lasting defense against the icy outdoors.

Everyone knows about Burt's Bees chapstick and I love how they moisturize without leaving the lips dried out when they wear off. Another BB product I just recently started using is the peach and willow bark deep pore scrub. 
I randomly picked it up when I was in Minnesota and it didn't make my sensitive skin break out so I decided to keep using it.
I don't think it's very new, but for those not familiar, it's a cream based formula with very loosely packed exfoliation granules. It leaves my skin feeling very supple and moisturized. I usually use it after I scrub off all my make up in the shower.

After the shower I replenish my skin's moisture with a layer of jojoba and that's pretty much it.

You obviously don't have to take my advice, but at least take note that I do not look like Freddy.
Totally make up free, beret by Eugenia Kim.
*photo credit Tumblr.

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