Sunday, January 4, 2015


Hot apple cider from Biggby's coffee. Never enough.
HI! It is a sweltering 9.3 degrees outside and I have no idea how the fuck I survived when I was wandering the streets aimlessly looking for food...

...what? Looking for food? In the streets? YES. THAT'S A THING THESE DAYS.

I can't seem to wake up early enough to have the time or energy to go grocery shopping. The good thing about that situation is that I usually sleep through breakfast and lunch--so doesn't that mean I'm saving money because I'm literally not awake to eat the groceries I would have bought??? Am I right...? Nope. Still egregiously lazy.

The first night I acted like a homeless person in clothes that cost too much for me to be acting homeless it took a whopping 45 minutes for me to find a restaurant that was open and serving something that wouldn't give me the shits.

One of my resolutions was to start meal prepping because I really do have to start saving up and that really starts with the daily spending not just the online stuff (speaking of which, one of my fave boutiques started having an extra 20 percent off sale, it came just in time for my birthday yesterday, woooo!).

Small steps towards big changes...very, very small steps.

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  1. Omg girl HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your posts have me cracking up & I keep checking for them! Hmm if only I logged into my own blog to update it as much as I check for updates on yours...lmao. I'm gonna do it, I swear! 2015 is the year!
    Again though, wishing you happy shopping and amazing rest of the year! xoxoxoxoxo!!


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