Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Modest is Hottest

...so I was looking into getting a nice casual dress for spring and I figured I'd found it in this selection...

Ivah dress by Isabel Marant
...but unfortunately about 24 hours ago it sold out.

I not crying about it well maybe just a little bit, but I'm still super inspired by this dress style. It reminds me of those Orthodox Mormons like, the crazy ones from the Warren Jeffs squad: smock style, ankle length, deep, well pockets--sleeve length and print is optional (although longer sleeves are better as a lady's arms should only be seen by her husband, right?).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all trying to lampoon the polygamous lifestyle mainly because my family is Nigerian and that's actually a thing there (as it is in most of the world). In fact, I imagine I would make a pretty decent wife if I came in a little later in the arrangement...number three maybe?  So at least I wouldn't have as much pressure to birth a ton of kids.

I haven't yet seen any other selections that fit my criteria so the search continues; sister wife-chic for spring 2015.

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