Friday, April 24, 2015

Mormon dress update... I continued my quest for my perfect Mormonized frock, which led me to yet another mall this time with stores I'd never heard of or been inside. Above is a dress I found at a store called J.Jill that sells very spring/summer ready linens and easy cottons. I will probably shop more at a place like this in about 20 years.

I liked the simple, functional style of the dress, it definitely checked some boxes for me--and with that shirt layered underneath don't I look like I'm heading to Bible study with my 56 nieces and nephews?

Mormon dresses are a very generic homemaker kind of thing so it figures only certain types of retailers have some very nice contenders. I browsed some other selections including this from the Gap and one from Banana Republic; I'm sure Old Navy is worth investigating too because they're in the same corporation.

The quest to modern modesty continues...

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