Wednesday, May 6, 2015

..but this again...

from Happily Grey
 ...I'm having a moment where I wanted something sort of, but not like a whole lot, like I wasn't IN LOVE, but then someone styles it so perfectly and now I HAVE TO HAVE IT.

...but I dunno...I have officially been in spending ban mode since the beginning of April (no joke guys!) and I'm doing really well so maybe I'll wait until U.O. has it on sale...?

I don't even know. And I'm ALWAYS talking about this Mormon dress thing...but I'm not even that sorry about it, I'm obsessed so it's going to keep happening until I finally have my obsession satisfied.


Pure DKNY shirtdress from's so not spending ban appropriate, but like it dead ass could be one of those dresses on that runway right? The color is so spring/summer and so I-live-only-to-serve-God ish right? I WANNIT.

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