Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nail Art | Cool and Uncool

I did my best to compile all the nonsense going on with my phalanges. I'll start with what's on my nails now:
I tried the whole crystal thing for the first time, I've always thought it was very nouveau riche bougie (in a classy way). 
 I stayed pretty conservative for my first attempt using these crystals and sponging on a little French tip to be minimalist cutesy.
 ...I used a beauty wedge to sponge on "sure thing" from Revlon's Gel Envy line (it's pretty legit)...
 ...and "sugar daddy" by Essie is a great color if you want a neutral tone to gloss over the white; I think the nude color by F21 is a great cheaper alternative (definitely doesn't last as long, but the color is about the same).

American Apparel's "cameo blue" with Revlon's "sure thing" and Sally Hansen's "cheery on top" (seen below)'s another sort of botched look with white tips. It's not the cutest combo; the glitter was so unnecessary and like, I had to do the inverse on three of them because I messed them up...bleh. Whatever.
 ...this glitter combo is my new fave, I thought it was really effective with this next look:
American Apparel "smoke dazzle" with Art Club white and neon nail art polishes.
...this is honestly one of my favorite nail art looks ever; the neon swipes made it so striking in person. Definitely doing some variations in the future.

 The metallic polish is new; it needs two good coats to achieve a bottle opacity and the Art Club neon works best with white underneath.

I also experimented with mattes:
(L-R) Urban Outfitters; American Apparel; NYC; Essie; Forever 21
  ...I will be updating you guys on which ones I think work best; so far I'm loving Essie's super chalky matte look and I was moderately impressed with Urban Outfitters version.
F21's matte top coat over their nude polish; UO's "afterhours" and Art Club's black nail art polish.
Revlon's "sure thing" and Essies matte top coat with "a cut above" (pink glitter).
For spring/summer I'm also getting into pastels--it's an overall aesthetic as you already know:'s a few Essie pastels I'm loving right now (there's even more in my collection after these pixs were taken).
Essie's "romper room" & "a cut above" with Revlon's "sure thing" on the tips
Essie's "romper room" with "mint candy apple" and the pink glitter again
 ...and above and below are a few uncool pastel looks...maybe the bottom ones are sort of cooler I guess...
I thought this was pretty cool, probably would have been better without the glitter; Essie's "who is the boss" used.
 And finally here's a random look from the holidays: 
Revlon's weird and not that great bohemian line (I don't even know what it was called but it sucked so RIP to that); this was the red one called "confident".  It chipped too much and it was just so whatever. L'Oreal's "the statement piece" was the gold accent (from their still fabulous textured metallics line).

Okay, that's all for now...and not one mention about a Mormon dress.

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