Monday, May 18, 2015

Some Reading | 2015 Billboard Music Awards

This was the most anticipated Billboard Awards since Britney back flipped her way into our hearts in 1999…

It opened with Taylor’s "Bad Blood" video… I was totally digging the 5th Element, Minority Report dystopian whatever vibe and that was the most beautiful set of cameo appearances I’ve ever seen minus Lena Dunham.
Van Halen…I guess they figured since it worked with the Grammys….?

Ludacris and Chrissy Teigen as the least it wasn’t LL Cool J. Chrissy actually didn't annoy me as much as I thought she would and she rocked Kim K's Balmain dress from the VMAs last year way better.

One Direction wins something and reminds people that the group is 20 percent less attractive now that Zayn has left.

Fall Out Boy and Wiz Khalifa…Wiz was so random for me, but I loved the dancers even though they were kind of doing the most.

Nick Jonas…it’s nice to see him successfully breaking away from his 2nd rate boy band. He did a wonderful job.

Meghan Trainor and John Legend….snooze fest. She still looks like a fat drag queen. Next.

Mariah Carey…I’m cringing at how bad that mic feed is going to sound...

Those white people put Iggy in the rap category twice. Then she had the nerve to say she wrote Fancy.
Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth and Lindsey Stirling…It was supposed to be a tribute to one of the most unremarkable actors people can't stop talking about...all I remember was some mediocre looking white kid was reaching for some falsetto notes and being scared Wiz Khalifa’s boney ass was gonna break a hip while dancing.

Empire Cast ft. Estelle…I don’t see it for Yazz’s rap career because I’m unsure if he’s acting like he sucks or not, but Jussie is so adorable and I’m into his Michael Jackson-esque vocals.

Hozier…does this guy wanna go anywhere else aside from church tho? I’m getting played out vibes with that song.

Little Big Town…they sang the theme song to Single White Female. It was creepy.

Pitbull and Chris Brown…I can feel this song getting annoying by the second. Chris looked like a jolly rancher.

Ed Sheeran…well at least I didn’t go to sleep this time. The song was really good and the performance was actually a true highlight of the night.

Even her gay dancers are checking her out.
Britney and Igloo Australia…First of all, Britney looked absolutely incredible and she also looked like she was having so much fun during the performance. It was very kind of her to share her air space with that other girl.

Queen Nicki welcoming everyone to her listening party.
Nicki Minaj and David Guetta… I hadn’t heard "Hey Mama" yet, but it goes off. That whole performance was just a listening party for her two new singles…she basically did some cute choreo and threw in a few “hhhyeah, c’mons” in there and kept it moving. So deliciously diva.

Tori Kelly…bitch can sing. We’ll see what happens with this slightly above mediocre white girl.

The Simple Minds…a filler performance…I was singing along though.

Kelly Clarkson…the second most successful American Idol got her pregnant ass up there and slayed. I love how she’s real woman pregnant not Hollywood skinny with a belly pregnant.

Imagine Dragons...I know it was a tribute to BB. King, but I was sleeping…they should have brought their drums.

Kanye West…I don’t even know why ABC would have him perform if they were just going to bleep out literally the entire performance. It was so obnoxious. Like, more obnoxious than Kanye himself. I could barely see him and now I can’t even hear him??? I really think censorship goes way too far when it comes to these award shows sometimes.

Fashion Notes (Highlights and WTFs)

Balmain is coming to H&M! I'm dyinnnnng. Jourdan and Kendall looked amazing making the announcement.
Kylie just looks so boss here; that statement belt is everything.
I'm sort of living for Zendaya's variety of looks and risks; this was so summery and well-tailored.
This worked for Charli because it was such a stark contrast from her usual. I loved the soft details in this vintage dress.
Yazz looked like a prom date at some historically black private school, but I was loving it.
I heard she got her boobies done, but I'm not sure...either way the neckline on this jumpsuit was working for her.
Speaking of plastic surgery...I mean Iggy's face was really the only thing she possessed as a natural talent...and now that's questionable too...I love all the pastel though.
I still can't figure out Rita Ora's lane (singer, actress, host? or WHAT?), but I bet this look made her a ton of tip money on stage...
I don't even care what her name is...she's a troll.
**photos Tumblr and me.

Overall, it was actually fun show. I found it youthful and fresh from Chrissy Teigen being absolutely delightful as the main host and several of the new artists actually putting on professional stage shows. Memorable? Nope, possibly a little too long as well, but there were little moments here and there that made the show a lot less boring than I expected it to be.

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  1. These just...give me so much life. Had a rough day so currently sipping tea and reading excitedly...bless this post lolol. Kelly Clarkson gave birth already tho...shade...lmao. I love this...the Chris Brown Jolly Rancher comment...A+...Britney looked so fantastic. I kinda only watched her part...the rest I breezed over. Gonna revisit.


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