Thursday, May 14, 2015

While on caffeine

 I dressed. It was cold so a sweater.
 I went to a better health store and got some things, did you know the USA is the only country that allows coconut oil producers to market their product as "virgin" or "extra virgin" when there's really no difference? DIDJA KNOW? HMMM? Well, now you do.
I went to AA and found this smock dress; could have used more stretch and more length of course.

Then I went next door to UO...looked at some stuff...
thought this was cute...
...loved the swing :)
I really liked this, but idk why $80--why UO? WhyUGottaDoThat?
...but where...
...would one wear it???
 I tried this on because I thought it would look something like this...I was mistaken.

Finally I went to the grocery store...I haven't had french fries in a while, enter Ore Ida
I added cheese and spice. K, I'm crashing now, bye.

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