Thursday, June 18, 2015

Retrograde Complications

AA shirt; 7 for All Mankind trouser denim
hat: Marshalls, Simone Rocha bag, Margiela boots

Have you heard of Mercury in retrograde? I'm not referring to some indie flick with unremarkable looking white people, I'm talking about the entire universe trying to fuck up my life. It's a real thing according to Tumblr.

It was supposed to go from May 19 to June 11 and for whatever reason I feel like it's extended because the universe is clearly hating on Capricorns due to our inherent awesomeness or whatever, I guess we just get tested more because we're used to being so amazing?? I have no idea.

All I know is today could have been worse. Much worse.

It started a little frazzled. Late. Errands to run. Whatever, I had a bacon omlet and waffles for my first meal/sloth breakfast (at like 4 p.m. or something) so I was all energized to be as productive as possible with what was left of the day.

I ran my first errand to the bank only annoyed with my current brokeness as those huge checks had been snatched...on to picking up my bus pass...

...then I went to go return the stuff from Ulta (I'll talk about it later) and that's when the shit started to happen.

Because I take the bus (like literally the only economical thing I do) I decided I should walk from the plaza where Ulta is to the grocery store area. This required me to walk through the mall. Somewhere in this process, while enjoying Florence + the Machine's Big, Blue Beautiful album I lost my bus pass which was attached to my keys, which for some reason I failed to place in my bag like I usually do.

I don't know if it's because I was also carrying my reusable shopping bag with me or if I was so engrossed in Flo's melodies or if I was so impressed with how comfortable my newest Margielas were after walking all over the place in them--I DON'T KNOW, KAY, IT WAS THE MERCURY AND THE RETROGRADEDNESS AND SHIT GOT SO FUCKED UP.

I go grocery shopping completely unaware of the missing items and when I boarded the bus I realized I was sans bus pass...and keys...and now I'm calling my mother because that's what a frazzled 29 year old with basically no friends does when things get out of control.

deep...deep...deep ass breaths...people were called....about two hours later I was taking a much needed shower in my crappy hole of a living space.

I could have lost my wallet or phone instead...

I could have shattered my iPod, which slipped out of its case twice while walking around the mall...

I could have gotten a chicken for meal prep and ended up spoiling it because I waited hours...

I could have lost the brand new bus pass instead of the one that expired the next day and had to spend money on a taxi and another pass...

It could have been so much more inconvenient, but instead I learn a hard lesson about my carelessness (my apartment looks like I got robbed) and about the fact that despite my best intentions to simplify my life, I'm just too bougie and it makes things complicated (I wore a denim jacket over that shirt later in the day, it has pockets--WHY DID I NOT USE THOSE POCKETS, MY GAAAAAWWWWD).

Neptune is supposed to be in retrograde right now, which means good things are supposed to happen and I think I'm going to take that time to slow down a bit and refocus my life.

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