Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wig Styling with hot tools | NexGen Hot Tools vs. BaByliss Pro C Style Body Wave

Before I do a post on the progress of my real hair, I'm gonna talk about the fancy fake stuff I wear on my head almost every day...
This is a Tony of Beverly hand-tied wig that I recently purchased because I wanted one with some texture and layers (I don't know her name, sorry). It's a high quality synthetic so it is heat resistant (up to about 300 degrees) and can be manipulated using hot tools.
First, I used the BaByliss Pro C style body wave iron, I was intrigued by the curved plates because I figured it could replace my current flat iron while giving me styling versatility.
The heat settings were coordinating numbers instead of degrees; between 1 and 5 was the appropriate setting for the wig...
...the curved design is very new to me so I'm still trying to practice my flick a da wrist with it, but I did manage to get some nice patterns...
a nice spiral on a shorter layer. More wrist flick involved.
a soft wave. I had to grip the plates more gently.

I was still kind of struggling with the BaByliss iron so I figured I would maybe pick out an actual curling iron. The NexGen one was on sale and came with some oil and a nice storage seemed legit...
 ...after cranking it up to 300 degrees and almost melting the strands... turned out to be a piece of shit. It's going back to Ulta asap.

On the bright side, I saw another curling iron, but passed on it because it had rhinestones and I figured the price was inflated because of the bling not the quality, but who knows? I'm still in the market for one because I haven't gotten the hang of using the BaByliss for waves and curls and I'm more comfortable using it as a straightener. Overall, I think I might try the other option I saw just in case it's better, I mean, the rhinestones were so bougie so maybe it's meant to be? I'll keep you posted.

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