Wednesday, August 12, 2015

beauty things...brand new and repurchased

Even more things up for review and some things I decided were good enough to get again...

...I picked up a few polishes from Sally Hansen; I couldn't resist a pearly sheen or a Tiffany blue pastel. I'm just now getting on the Nyx soft matte lip cream train, Prague is my favorite color so far, but my current penchant for pastels drew me to Istanbul along with a few other pastel tone lippies.

Other things pictured included one of my main beauty regimen products by Neutrogena, some spare make up brushes and even more UD glitter liner (they're so addictive). I'm excited to get into my third palette, it's by a make up artist I've seen on TV before named Mally Roncal, I thought the colors were super cute and I liked that it came with a cream base for the shadows. I didn't see the UD revolution lipsticks at Ulta, but I'll be using the sampler set just in case I decided to add yet another round of mouth costumes.

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