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Some Reading | Big Brother 17 Week 5

Episode 13: Finally…?

James's game play is so slick--actually, James for the win. The way he refocused the target on Audrey was so perfectly executed because to be honest, he’s one of the biggest threats in the house. I mean, Audrey is no different than any other floater that can’t keep their mouth shut (Da’ was obviously too "mouthy", Jason is too chatty and now Austin is getting a little too loquacious and only one of them was/is a physical threat).

Anyway, all this drama leaves Shelli in a pool of white woman tears and it’s so annoying, like she’s once again crying about something she did that she didn’t have to do, but did anyway…? I’m so irritated with her.
...this bitch...
The Veto Comp

Vanessa’s win was exactly what I didn’t want for the simple fact that I thought Jason was unfairly targeted and I wanted him to stay in the house. I mean he’s the only one whose script reading doesn’t come off contrived…probably because he’s a sassy gay.

After the veto comp Audrey is back at it, this time pissing off the Mommy and Me couple to the point of confrontation. It’s as if she thrives on drama? Like, really all she has to do is be quiet and float on her transgender status. I’m still not convinced she’s going home. Not one bit.

Even when she gets put up as a replacement nominee I’m still not convinced. I have to see her walking up to Julie and shaking her hand to do her interview.

Episode 14: Never Say Never

Must we always get a recap of Shelli’s petty emotions? Must we? I hate her more and more with each appearance.

Audrey isn’t even giving people the satisfaction of looking at her let alone participating in the game…it’s kind of hilarious for her to go from someone who couldn’t help but draw all of the attention to herself to literally hiding from the camera.
I mean, based on the concern the housemates showed for her I know this is exactly why despite her ridiculous behavior, they treated her with kid gloves. Honestly, if it was me I would’ve called her a coward and prepared her send off with fireworks and champagne.

She’s already admitting defeat by eating regular food (I still remember when Jen from BB8 went nuts and did that) so her leave is rather unceremonious and sad.

Everyone but Judas votes her out…I almost thought she wasn’t going to hug anyone before she left, but a couple people decided to embrace her after all.

Side note: Jackie looked like a '90s pop princess and I was so here for it:

HOH Comp

I’m so proud of Jackie for winning it, I could tell by her decisiveness that she was ready to shake things up and start playing a more active game. During the Julie Chen segment, Britney’s joke about “seeing her for the first time” was correct because this is basically the first time people in the house are going to see her as a factor in the game…I am also interested to see if the other strong floater, Becky, is going to finally start making more moves, it almost looked like she threw the competition.

Episode 15: Game of Queens

Despite the fact that they tend to be absurdly catty sometimes, the ladies have figured out how to run the house…I mean it’s easy enough considering they’re playing with morons.

Let’s look at the Optimus Prime of all Morons: Austin
. He really wants to blow up the twin game because of what his dick told him to do? He’s legit creating a drama for the sake of his some pussy? REALLY? I think he’s even dumber than Jeff was.

Anyway, Vanessa is having none of his shit is driven to basically dismantle his game…starting with telling Julia that he was willing to sacrifice her to get to her twin’s pussy. I just…wow…where is my popcorn tho--this is amazing.

Props to Vanessa for basically bulldozing the plan and almost single-handedly crafting Austin’s demise. Her efficiency is frightening.

Nominations (as planned): Liz and James from Jackie and Clay and Becky (at least she’s playing again) from Vanessa


Good Lord…that was wild from start to finish--I blame Becky's loss on Clay’s lack of available brain cells as most are occupied with his mommy complex.

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