Tuesday, September 15, 2015

awkward again...

AA crop top and maxi dress; Michael Kors ballet flats; Simone Rocha bag; UO hat

...but I'm doing my best.

I'm once again feeling a little behind on trying to keep up on the little things that keep my head calm and collected...

...coloring is therapeutic for me--not that I need therapy (maybe?? I'm kind of a nut), but yeah, all those horrible drawings in the Some Reading section are fun to do, so I do them. However, Big Brother is coming to a close really soon (scheduled posts will appear) and I don't know what semi-scripted drama I will illustrate and review next...

Even though my apartment isn't all the way set up, I have a new video coming up showing the progress and I actually have a more comfortable OOTD spot picked out so no more awkward posing behind a door.

So much make up stuff and food stuff and music stuff and just all the stuffs I like to share because that's the most effort I want to put into interacting with other human beings...consider it a productive sloth-like status.

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