Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Forme de Machiaj | can someone please tell me...

...why Lancomé wants to charge $50 for a make up palette, but has the nerve to put in 2 cent applicators on the side, like...?

Anyway, I finally got out to Sephora to pick up some luxe face costumes including the ever-popular Becca Champagne Pop highligher--darker skinned black girls beware, it's not the kind you can shlep on with a heavy hand like the perfect "Rose Gold" shade (I could put that all over my BODY, it's so perfect on me), it's best applied sparingly with a stippling brush maybe--I guess I'll have to talk more on how I strobe later.

I also picked up a few Lancomé lipsticks that were not available previously; the first lipstick I ever owned was actually by Lancomé so I've always sort of had a sentimental attachment to the brand. The Kat Von D matte lipsticks were something I've wanted for a while now especially considering the Stila ones are such a big deal for me (Patina is Holy Grail status).

Bougie visage erryday yo!

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