Saturday, December 5, 2015

...and back to the quiet ranting...

So the above item is the only thing that has come through out of three requests from LaGarçonne...I don't even know who to blame right now, but this blog has always been a pretty honest space for me to express whatever I feel like so I just wanted to vent about the drama afoot...

On November 24 I noted that my favorite boutique was having a sale and I decided to take advantage and pick up some winter legwear...y'all saw that.

It said on the site's home page that the offices would be closed for the holiday so I wasn't expecting my shipping information until maybe Friday...but Friday passed and there was nothing...then Monday (when my other orders came in), nothing--I called their offices and was told my shipping would be emailed to me either that afternoon or the next day...then Tuesday comes around, still nothing. Finally on Wednesday I got this:

I decided I should give them a call...

I asked them what was going on and apparently their warehouse looks a lot like my apartment (but at least I KNOW what's in those bags, okay) and they failed to update their website to reflect what was actually available, hence I ordered an invisible pair of leggings.

I was not charged for the lost item, instead I requested a replacement item (seen above) at the same discount. Interestingly, that was the only thing that arrived on Friday despite having the shortest processing time. The Marant trousers came in a box that could have very easily fit the still missing Rag and Bone leggings, but strangely, they were shipped separately and now according to the FedEx tracking site, there is no delivery date scheduled for the other piece. I have been charged for it, however.

Like I said, I don't even know who to blame right now...I could blame the boutique for their lack of organization and efficiency in communicating with me (according to the lady I spoke with mine was one of about five orders out of over 1,000 that had been lost I would think an unexpected failure would be easier to spot? I have no idea). I could also blame FedEx (which LaGarçonne may do as well) for seeing that two packages were going to the same fucking location and failing to put them on the same fucking truck (LIKE UPS DID JUST A FEW DAYS AGO WITH MY NET-A-PORTER ORDER AND MY SHOPBOP ORDERS--SHOUT OUT TO THEM).

I'm just so annoyed. To make things even more irritating I called LaGarçonne and they basically regurgitated the incorrect information that FedEx had instead of just telling me, "hey, I think we kind of fucked up somewhere... uh, again..." She legit sent me an email that said:

GURL, 12/4/15 IS A FUCKING FRIDAY NOT SATURDAY, SO WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON??? It would have been nice for the customer service rep to at least PROOF READ the fucking email so it wouldn't come off like she didn't actually look into the issue.

It's been a whole two weeks and all I've gotten is a third of my order, but here's Shopbop (coordinating with Amazon) literally shipping me new shit while refunding me at the same time within FOUR FUCKING DAYS???!!! Get into it and get it right. PLEASE.

I don't want to hear any excuses about being overwhelmed because "whaaaa, so many orders and Black Friday/Cyber Monday and whatever the fuck"--IT'S EVERY. FUCKING. YEAR. HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW TO PREPARE CORRECTLY SO THINGS LIKE THIS DON'T HAPPEN??? At least warn customers, 'hey, we're not run using over-worked employees and robots like Amazon, we might screw up, but bear with us okay...'

We'll see what happens when I wake up today (Saturday afternoonish), my guess is nothing will happen and that I'll end up having to deal with it on Monday or Tuesday next week when I go back to work.  Nice.

The bottom line is that there's really no excuse...if you're a company that wants to sell premium products you should also provide consistently proficient service regardless of the circumstances.

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