Friday, December 25, 2015

My holy day

It started with me waking up later than I wanted (ugh, sloth problems), but I got it together and managed to get a ride to my family home to deliver gifts for my parents, eat free food and hang out with my family...
 ...I took the time to make some cards for them, my mother seemed delighted to actually read it...
 ...while my dad just wanted to get to the gift (I am the same way actually). is my mother styling the cashmere scarf I got her. I am being festive with my mother and sister.
It's a tradition to have my younger sister try on one of my jackets every now and then just to keep her on the right bougie path--I'm such a good influence.
...she also put this lovely collage together on her Instagram.
Finally, my little x-mas gift to myself; these Aquazurra shearling fringe boots that I will wear like fancy-shmancy Uggs for the rest of the season.


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