Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Woke to Orly...

 ...there are so many beauty updates I have yet to share, mostly dealing with my nails because when I'm not lounging in bed or working my ass off, I'm basically painting my nails or trying to find new ways to paint my nails--like, I literally will stare at the pile of nail polish on my tv table and come up with different combos that I hope I'll be awake enough to try...

...after enjoying the Orly polish bond I decided to pick up more of their products; I've honestly been sleeping on this brand, but their range of colors and care products is pretty impressive. I'm loving the rubber cap detail so I don't have to use my pliers to open the bottle and I'm hoping the snap dry stuff will help when I only have about 30 minutes to do my nails before I walk out the door.

Other items I picked up included some more brushes; it doesn't matter how often I wash them (or not), I never seem to have enough. Also, China Glaze's patent leather top coat sounded like another gel manicure in a bottle scheme so of course I was intrigued.

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