Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goldilocks vs. Andre 3000

So they arrived and I tried them on, with great apprehension of course...
I already concluded they were something I wanted rather than needed and I was no longer sure how much I really wanted them even after Jourdan Dunn slayed all of us on the Moschino runway.

...I was so indecisive...I even filmed myself at the depths of my turmoil--it was such a struggle. 

I'll be posting the footage shortly so you can see for yourself how they looked, but for now I can say when I slid my leg inside I immediately felt like this:


...for those who don't know, that's André 3000 in Outkast's 1998 hit "Rosa Parks" video when he donned these deliciously ghetto fabulous fur pants...it took kind of a moment to get these crappy screen shots by the way, but they are the perfect visual aid to describe my ambivalence about these boots.

...but I didn't want to go to the other extreme with the short fox fur ones; they are too flashy with the gold against the blonde fur. However, the thigh high version is too gaudy and overwhelming on the leg plus it was a little weird sitting down in them because I felt like a circus bear. 

I've decided to order the ones in between; they're shorter, still super raver-chic and hopefully, they'll be just right. 

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