Monday, May 2, 2016

more beauty stuff...reviewed, replaced and repurchased

Okay first of all L'Oreal is kind of killing it with these new matte lip glosses; my extended first impressions review:
  • they are NOT non-transferable like my fave by Stila, but like, they're cheap so I don't even care...?
  • they are actually somewhat moisturizing, I have worn them without the traditional chapstick primer and they did not dry out my lips at all.
  • they don't curdle up when reapplied, which is a problem with a lot of other matte lippies; the formula blends so well with more of a satin matte finish.
  • the colors I selected (blushing ambition #300, bare attraction #318, nude allude #314) are all pretty legit opacity-wise and buildable. 
I also finally replaced that shitty Mac powder brush that would not stop shedding. I was using it to apply one of my highlighter powders (the Becca champagne pop one literally EVERYONE has), the brush fibers are so useless even for a simple tap tap of shimmer. Anyway, Real Techniques is one of the best brands in the business as far as I'm concerned and this blush brush is the perfect replacement. Additionally, I finally checked out Wet 'n Wild's make up brush offerings after seeing them on Tumblr, I made some safe picks with a concealer brush and an eye shadow brush.

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  1. Love the Real Techniques brushes. I use that one for bronzer and contouring on myself. I have it for my kit too. Curious about the Wet N Wild ones too!


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