Tuesday, June 7, 2016

even more on my face

 okay so I'm still make up binging...so far I can comment on almost all of these products with more to be reviewed on the way (including some pictured here that I haven't tried yet).

Starting from the very top:

Wet n' Wild metallic gloss: I don't know how exclusive these are, but I found them at Walgreens and it's not exactly worth checking for. The wash of translucent shimmery gloss is slightly above generic or at least more than what I expected from the brand. "Chrysanthemum's the word" is the color I got, it's a cute Bratz Doll pink against my skin tone.

I tried Jordana for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. These matte lippies have a crayon-like texture that at first comes off kind of cheap, but then substantial as the opacity is there and the longevity of the color is comparable to more expensive brands. I got "matte me pretty" and "popular"; one makes me look like a Barbie doll the other a crackhead. I love both.

Estée Lauder is another brand I've never tried, this "steely lilac" eye shadow is 10/10 I love using it as an all over the eye look, it makes me feel like a goddess.

Moving on to yet another brand that's new to me Smashbox basically knocked my socks off with this matte lipstick in "first time matte". The formula is so luxe I feel like it upgrades my entire face.

I was interested in dabbling in bright pink lips for the summer and due to Stila "patina" being legit on of the best matte liquid lipsticks out there I figured I would try their stay all day formula, which has been out for a while now. Unfortunately "amalfi" had to be returned as the formula just did work for me at all despite all my efforts (with and without chapstick, a lighter hand etc, nothing worked or made it more comfortable to wear).

The Maybelline color blur lip crayon thing was just okay for me, definitely not a repurchase or even something I'll be reaching for. It came off like a second rate version of Lorac's pro matte lippies (which are pretty legit by the way).  I think the "blur" aspect of it (that white erasure looking thing) just keeps the formula from curdling up, which is a different approach I guess, but still underwhelming.

Finally, Katy Perry collaborated with Cover Girl to create these slightly above basic lipsticks that I was here for enough to repurchase in other colors.  I believe it's limited edition as most collaborations tend to be and I'm glad I was able to pick up the few shades I could find; the one pictured is called "catoure" and it makes a wonderful daytime color. The other two I picked up are "kitty purry" and "sphynx" which make me look about ten years younger and like a worn out pornstar respectively. All have a creamy, chapstick-like formula (not the best, but not the worst) that isn't consistent from color to color, but it's okay because they layer well and the colors actually show up as expected.

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