Friday, June 3, 2016

what is this shit? | goopy and overpriced

First up, some lip products I just didn't connect with, but like, I TRIED. I've been trying a lot of new beauty stuff lately because putting new things on your face is fun, no? More fun when they work and don't dry out for no apparent reason (the Tarte Lipsurgence in "hope") and don't go on like a sticky goopy mess (Maybelline's vivid matte liquid lipstick in "pink charge").
Milani has awesome eyeliners in my opinion, but these eye crayons were kind of a let down with not nearly enough pigment and a rather patchy application.
...speaking of patchy applications, I have no idea what all or any hype is about with Victoria's Secret lip products, if these crappy crayons are any indication, I should probably just stick to buying their underwear.
I'm sure MAC lip pencils are awesome, but unfortunately they really didn't work out for me and I have no use for them whatsoever. Like, I've never really had time for a lip liner and I only bought them because the Russian sales lady sort of handed them to me and like her accent was just so persuasive and like.........I have a problem.
I've pretty much given up on large glitter polishes altogether. With the Revlon ones I even tried using primers and top coats of superior quality and they still chipped away within 48 hours.
Again, Milani does fabulous things, it's such a pity my area doesn't stock more of their products however, I wouldn't miss these eye shadows one bit. The application was horrible as the pigmentation was pretty underwhelming. I actually really wanted to like these and would do my best to create looks with all of them, but unfortunately they were very much a cliche drugstore quality.
The L'Oreal voluminous superstar mascara isn't the worst thing in the world, but when you're a bougie bitch and Dior is your go-to, this is bullshit. The primer doesn't really prime for anything special as the formula for the actual mascara is flaky and thin. However, if I ever was in a bind of some sort and I still wanted to feel like I was getting a little extra umph with my mascara..............actually nevermind I would probably use the pink and green one like all the other thrifty ladies.
Finally, and painfully, this Simone Rocha bag just like...was such a fail. I'm kind of embarrassed that I actually waited and waited until it was on sale for me to buy it, but I'm also kind of glad I got something taken off the price (50 percent actually) because that beautiful chain strap was useless after just a couple weeks (it kept unclasping for no reason) and it was a constant annoyance until I had to go to a craft store and tie the damn thing on when it finally broke. It is a genuine shearling, which is really the only value aside from the simple and still charming design, but ugh, the quality is a disaster and turned me off to her label entirely.

Also, the shirt that has been in the background of all the photos is a part of this set I bought seen here. I'm pretty sure their poor quality contributed to American Apparel's financial snafu; the fit/quality on these simple layering pieces was shockingly disappointing as they each stretched to a misshapen mess after only a few wears.

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