Monday, September 5, 2016

new space...again


...the plumbing isn't the best...the laundry room is literally built wrong....the kitchen is dated...the bedroom is a bit tight...the alarm goes off at random times...

HOWEVER, the lighting is better, the living room is so spacious, the ceilings are higher than I expected, the location is perfect, the furniture it came with is awesome, there is a walk in closet to make up for the lack of storage space and the noise has yet to be an issue.

There's a 75 percent chance that I'll resign and stay here another year...and a 25 percent chance I'll get annoyed and look for another property to inhabit...but so far even my half-eaten breakfast looks bougie in this new space (I mean the lighting is completely unedited because it just flows into the room, it's so nice).

I mean moving is so annoying and this is my forth space in two years so I'm exhausted and I'm truly trying to stabilize my life so I can do other things and quit worrying about taking a whole month off just to pack and remove all the junk I've accumulated from online shopping.

It's not fully decorated yet, but when it is I'm hoping my re-signing chances go up at least 5 percent.

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