Friday, January 13, 2017

demna is at it again

Nobody informed me that the same guy who worked at Vetements was also calling shots at Balenciaga (announced last October), that's the ONLY reason I was suddenly looking at their clothes for the first time starting this past fall season...I really had no idea until I decided to actually read the little description next to the pieces...

I mean, the only thing that has ever caught my eye from Balenciaga were their bags (Vanessa Hudgens had a gorgeous city bag back in 2007-ish and I was obsessed with having one--they're not as popular now, but still kind of essential). 

I was scrolling the 'what's new' section of Net a Porter and this denim robe was like, "omg WOW--this is Balenciaga for real?" I thought Wang was trying some thing new, but nope it's just one of my faves putting a new hat on, such a pleasant discovery. I guess I'll have to start lurking that section for some unexpected wardrobe finds as long as he's on their payroll.

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