Friday, February 10, 2017

pop princess power

Everyone knows Britney Spears did damn near everything she's done first...or at least she made it cool. Her stage style has always had a cutesy swagger that enticed young teen girls to add some sporty edge to their wardrobes (much to the chagrin of parents--omg that midriff!).

I personally had my conflicts with the school dress code solely due to her influence, but something the elders didn't have a problem with was her chunky footwear provided by longstanding sneaker brand, Sketchers (we alllllll had a pair though right?!). At the time Britney was a rising star that had the power to make everything she wore look exceptionally trendy and therefore, necessary, which is probably why she was also used in the ads for the rather unflattering kicks...
Not too long ago I was doing my usual Net-a-porter scrolling and I discovered that Britney's go-to stage footwear has been revamped in these quirky Miu Miu platform sneakers...
...even though I have never liked cork on anything but a wine bottle, I'm not mad at these and I genuinely appreciate the nostalgic feelings they evoke--maybe now I can aggressively strut across the room while doing some intricate hand choreography like the one and only the comfort of my own apartment of course.

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