Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Summer Fashion Essentials: Sheerness Realness

I have yet to wear these dresses, but if this heat keeps up, I'm sure I'll find an occasion.
This skirt works well over shorter, tighter items and can even be worn as a dress.
I always trip on these pant legs, but they make really comfy lounge wear.
I basically want to wear this shawl kimono thing everyday this summer and I definitely see it as a layering piece in the fall.

{skirt is American Apparel; everything else is Urban Outfitters}


  1. Great post! I also love everything and anything sheer!!!

    Lovely outfit!

    And thank you for the comment on my blog! Following you too dear :)

    Jess XO


  2. i LOVE sheer materials in the summer time. it's great for the hot weather. love this post :)


  3. These are all gorgeous, maxi + sheer is the perfect combination for summer!

  4. All cute items, love the skirt, nice blog

  5. that kimono is stunning, i need that in my life haha. lovely blog, keep it up x


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