Thursday, September 20, 2012

Silver and Gold Have I Not

I attempted to get a job today. Of course, it wasn't gainful employment; that doesn't exist around here as far as I'm concerned.

I didn't bother to dress up for the interview or anything, but this shirt was worn for the first time and I thought its lustrous pale gold color made it look like I gave a shit about waiting tables until 3 a.m..

It's funny (but not really) that I just picked up the diploma for my second bachelor's degree a couple days ago.  Everyday I feel slightly sour over the reality that none of that matters if you're not friends with, related to, or fucking someone who can "get you in" when it comes to finding an actual job. I guess I just couldn't be bothered to do more than the required coursework. 

{make up: Revlon balm stain in "adore" and all kinds of Stila and MAC to make me look like a table-waiting tart}

Everything I do here is a means...never an end.

jacket, denim, bag...Urban Outfitters
shirt...American Eagle


  1. Nice...kinda urban and edgy. I love your bag.

  2. Oh wow love this outfit the most ^^ So cool!!

    You look so much like model!!! *THUMBS UP* so beautiful ^^

    Love Emi

  3. I like your looks, nice versatile blog you have... Following you!:)


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