Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trash Over Treasure

I find all this postcard-like perfection disconcerting. I'm pretty sure the grass was left mostly uncut to disguise the fact that this is actually a dumping ground for the homeless and passing pedestrians. As usual, I did my best to select the photos that looked the least posed...the scenery here looks fake enough already.

Make up: Stila's freesia combined with a green eye pencil by Milani; Stila's bark and moss on the lid. Revlon balm stain in adore.

....okay, this one is clearly posed, but I look fucking fantastic though riiiiiiiiiiight?! #ShamelessFBlogger.

menswear shirt...vintage
leggings...custom made
bag...Urban Outfitters


  1. i LOVE these photos. I have those pants and wondered how I would wear them! If only it wasn't still in the 90's tempwise I'd pair my oatmeal sweater.
    Also, the scenery insights some sound of music lol. I love that movie haha.

  2. So cute pictures and your look is great too :)

  3. Love it, amazing combination! Great look! http://gomadandbuyeverything.blogspot.pt/

  4. Thank you:*:)! Great outfit & beautiful place!

  5. I love that satchel bag and yess the last picture looks great! :)


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