Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nail Art | Matte Cheer

I recently read an article on about "pick-me-up nail polish" and given my rather petulant disposition, I was intrigued by the idea...yeah, I'm kind of a Debby Downer sometimes, but I do believe in "happy colors" and the psychological effect they have.
I was inspired by the few days of glorious spring weather that has finally arrived and the new tuning point in my life; I wanted the look to symbolize a new bloom of positivity...ironically, I finished the manicure the day it decided to rain. Nevertheless, after looking at my nails all day, I'm already starting to feel better about the crappy peninsula known as Michigan.
happy-town chic.
Revlon "minted"; "cloud"; "metallic"; "sweet tart"; Wet n' Wild white nail polish. NOT PICTURED: NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat

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