Friday, May 10, 2013

LOL | A story of Parallel Fantasies


The only thing I find hilarious is how they find ways to facilitate their own delusions.
Things just got stone cold serious and they're still a joke they clearly heard while looking at their own reflections.
On either side of this fun house mirror there are two distorted figures; one of embarrassment and one of disdain.
I can't have this land of make believe devaluing my existence.

Why does she need the approval at such an advanced age when most have progressed passed their delusions...?
I wonder these things as I look at my own pretending...
How much longer does He need me to keep pretending...?
And what will I gain from this silly production where I have assumed total control behind thick velvet curtains?
Endless bus rides and ceaseless questions after everyone else has made their way home.

Day 10: planning on 3 CLs and Resumes for Monday plus a follow up.

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