Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some Reading | 2013 American Music Awards

Just seeing the lineup of performers was enough to let me know it was going to be an awesome show...

Katy Perry opens with some cultural misappropriation singing "Unconditionally" while wearing a traditional Oriental garb.

I think the acoustics were little off because I couldn’t really hear her sometimes and she sounded like she was yelling other times (that was probably her fault though). Nevertheless, the stage production was gorgeous--yay for white people making POC’s cultures into costumes and then calling us sensitive when we get mad.


Obviously, I could have done without the perpetually overexposed Pitbull hosting. I still fucking hate him.

The Performances

One Direction...Harry Styles has an unexpectedly lovely voice, but I’m still unimpressed with any boyband that doesn’t dance.

Ariana Carey Grande...The girl is clearly a star. I liked that she kept her incredible vocals restrained too; it was powerful and elegant and definitely one of my favorite highlights of the show.

Imagine Dragons...They make percussion so sexy; their performance was superb.

Kesha and Pitbull…Can we talk about how amazing and gorgeous the Glitter Queen looked? She’s always talked about how she wants to go country and I guess this was her first attempt. The single will get annoying after a while (mainly because Pitbull is on it), but for now, it’s a jam. 

I guess fringe shorts and cowboy boots are as country as she's gonna get.

Justin Timberlake (and like, a shit ton of people I assume from Tennessee)…I liked the song better than any other single he’s released. His performance wasn’t a standout moment for me, but I still thought he did a fabulous job.

Florida Georgia Line…Never heard anything from them, but apparently they're a one-hit wonder from the country scene. I get how this song was a hit because it was catchy, but the performance was awesome only because Nelly came out and I started having flashbacks--his first album was the soundtrack to a good part of my high school life.

Rihanna’s Icon Award and performance…when Bill Maher was reading off her stats I forgot that she’s a constantly high, Barbadian hoodrat.

During her speech she had the nerve to thank her glam team, yet her hair looked like something black girls do with their weave before they go to bed...I wasn't feelin' it.

I liked her passion during her performance of "Diamonds", but something about her delivery reminded me of Whitney Houston after the crack.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis…I always like Macklemore’s energy, but I think they’re on their 13th out of 15 minutes.

Jennifer Lopez tribute to Celia Cruz…No, she can’t sing worth shit and she probably learned all that Spanish the night before, but she’s a consistently flawless performer and she was my favorite of the night.

A Great Big World and Xtina (I still call her that)…"Say Something" is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Christina looked sleek, skinny and perfect and her unusually understated vocals sounded amazing. God bless whoever has been styling her and making sure she’s not eating so much.

Kendrick Lemar…I’m not a huge rap fan, but I recognize this guy’s talent and I like his quiet charisma on stage.

Lady Gaga and R. Kelly…I live for her theatrics. She totally rocked it as usual, but I was kinda sad when it ended rather awkwardly.

Luke Bryan…I found his random body rolls rather shocking...I’m just not used to seeing lanky white men who can dance.

TLC and Lil’ Momma…omg, CRYING.

Her career might be in a questionable state, but Lil’ Momma performed her lil’ heart out and I hope it’s a new beginning for her.

Miley Cyrus…that cat…it was the creepiest, cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I thought it would go away, but it stayed there...singing and crying...I took it as a sign that she’s finally running out of ideas to keep us talking about her. Regardless of the odd theatrics, the bitch can really sing and her vocal performance was on point.

...yeah, I this is what I would've come up with after scouring the internet for new ideas too.

Notes about the awards...

Not only am I happy Robin Thicke’s modestly talented ass didn’t win anything, I didn't care for two out of the three nominees for the Rhythm and Blues categories being white…ironically, I am also puzzled by Rihanna having anything to do with those categories at all given that she’s dancehall pop at best. Moreover, even though I appreciate his shout out to Trayvon Martin, Macklemore does not deserve to win anything over Jay-Z, even Akon laughed when his name was read for Favorite Rap/Hip Hop Album. I'm just kind of over award shows giving awards to people who are "hot right now" rather than those who are actually talented.

The Fashion Favorites

At this point in her waning career, Ciara's job is to look this sexy at all times.


I loved the bright yellow against her raven hair. This look had a little retro sexiness to it that I found very appealing.

Always amazing. I thought the shaggy hair was a nice complement to that structured Julien MacDonald dress.

*all photos found on Tumblr.

Although there weren’t really any over the top moments (hence the lack of bad illustrations), it was refreshing to watch a show all about spectacular performances rather than creating a spectacle.

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  1. I love this post, the AMAs was amazing cant believe how many performances there was!
    I did a post on the fashion at the AMAs actually :)



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