Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Miss El Ain't E Us

The following are random bits of evidence that I really tried to be productive today...

 First of all, EVEN MORE FOOD STUFF: I've started making these sugar cookies from Potbelly more fattening by melting chocolate over them. Because that's what I do.

...I will be talking about that funky nail art very soon btw...

...I also left my squalid corner/apartment at a reasonable hour to run some errands.  While searching for nail polish storage at Target, I got my second pumpkin spice latte of the season; I'm more into the hot apple cider from Biggbys though.

...moving on to fashion productivity of the day...

 I picked up my very first H&M purchase: a viscose tank dress. For some reason my mind was on summerwear despite the fact that fall is my favorite season. I thought it was super cheap considering the material (only $10), but I wouldn't know since I've never ever shopped there; I guess they're like a classy Forever 21.

...I was also thinking about overalls; these ones are a summer version I tried on at Express because again, that's where my mind was at (and they were on deep discount so I was like, why not?--didn't buy though). I'm definitely considering some long overalls for fall/winter, these ones Ciara was rocking recently had my mouth watering:

Ciara's  Topshop : Topman NYC Flagship Dinner Black Leather Overalls
Finally, there is yet another fashion debate/dilemma that might possibly be solved during Black Friday or Cyber Monday (CAN. NOT. WAIT):

The Acne Studios Velocite Jacket has been a fashion staple for a minute now (I think this is like, the forth version or something) and I want it. Badly.

credit's such a strong silhouette and this black on black version is just so official.

...speaking of classic, I kind of have to have this one too:

credit's by Isa Arfen and after Kim K. popped little North out and started wearing those delicious camel coats, I've been secretly lusting for one to complete my grown lady wardrobe. Like, I can literally wear this when I'm 60 and I appreciate the functionality of keeping my skinny legs warm on windy winter days.

Whatever goes on sale first will probably end up on my coat rack...but let's be honest, I need them both.

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