Saturday, December 27, 2014

...but who is This???

I mentioned that Acne's Velocite jacket is on it's forth or fifth version or something and one of them kind of looked like this...with a hood. A hood. A HOOD.

I am secretly more in love with that version than the current one.

Why are hoods so damn elusive on winter jackets anyway? Like, when I saw this one I was like, YO! A HOOD! I can insulate my head better and use less things to do so--how convenient! I've always appreciated functionality in fashion especially now that I'm making piss poor attempts at be a minimalist.  

The fabrication is also similar with shearling and leather and other warm things comprising this piece and the length being more favorable as well...and that's padded you I wouldn't even need to worry if I forgot my hat...

...but I'm all off-kilter now because this is just weird--could it be my heart was set on the wrong thing all along??? What is air...who is this...what the fuck is a Belstaff? What is actually going on?? How is it three whole dollars less??? But somehow valued more??? WHAT?? IS IT BECAUSE OF THE HOOD?? IS IT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE ON THE BEL STAFF??

I'm going to bed early so I can think more clearly (as in before 8 a.m.).

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