Monday, February 16, 2015

Toasty to the Bones

So here's how my boney ass has been prevented from freezing to death this winter season... started with my first Net-a-Porter purchase ever, my lovely camel coat by Isa Arfen; I was going to crop those bills out in the corner, but I should keep them there as a reminder that I need to be more responsible with my spending this year....
....iPod shot on the bus; Isa Arfen alpaca/mohair details (with Acne Studios sheepskin boots).
...full look; scarf and hat from U.O.
...the first round of winter accessories included leather mittens, something I'd never seen before actually. These ones by Carolina Amato were only just good enough not to return immediately, but they weren't good enough for me to really care when I lost them. So frivolous, I know.
...they were quickly replaced with these wonderful leather and cashmere DVF gloves. They have touchscreen technology and the leather is higher quality.
...I also had to get a fur bag. I HAD TO, Beyoncé has one. Case closed. (seen with Acne loafers; full post on this Alice + Olivia piece later)
...winter started out mild so some days I just wore my favorite sweater with my hooded fur vest from last season. (with Acne leather pants and boots).
...more accessories; La Garçonne Moderne alpaca blanket scarf and Marc by Marc Jacobs wool hat for that cliché pop of color.
...that thrifted leather jacket is still one of my go-to pieces every fall/winter and my Acne mood leather cropped pants are legit like grown up snow pants.
...after Net-a-Porter let people know they were going to snatch their sale away, I decided I better pick this up.'s super warm and plush and just everything it's supposed to be...
...the hood is fully functional and every time I snap it on it keeps the frozen air off my neck.
...more shearling in the form of these Mackage Orea mittens; they sold out on Shopbop twice and I see why; one of my favorite winter purchases so far. you can see I'm still employing my Midwest white trash Underarmor camo boots; they're just so functional, it can't be helped.
...finally, this ivory Theory wool sweater was one of the things in that mysterious box in my last post (my newest style idol Kendall Jenner has the exact same one *in bratty Valley girl voice*). It was another Shopbop sale piece.
...and here I am hanging my head in shame over failing to even start my planned spending ban halfway through February. I said before, there are still more boxes on the way filled with more winter stuff I sort of don't need to get me through the rest of the season. I kept revisiting the La Garçonne president's day sale and picking stuff I couldn't rationalize not getting so now I legit have to take screen shots of everything just so I can remember what's being delivered. Fucking terrible.


  1. Umm that Isa Arfen coat is straight money. *insert field goal emoticon* Braap braaap.

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  3. Let me know if your ever interested in selling your isa Arfen coat ; )


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