Sunday, March 8, 2015

Because spring 2015 is like, basically here...

...I've been chasing the slouchy beige knitwear look:
via Tumblr/Pinterest

...because it was seen on Gigi Hidad who is friends with Kendall Jenner so she's basically an automatic style icon...but because I have super duper long arms, the slouchy part might be an issue...

How is it that you can see my finger tips? This sweater was designed with exaggerated sleeves so--HOW? (Vetements)

...I swear my arms are a good three inches longer than the models on the sites I shop despite them being around my same I figured this selection would do...
...because I'm trying to create a beige trifecta...
The Theory one you already saw and the latest one by Organic by John Patrick

 ...but it might be a beige quadfecta (add it to your dictionary too, okay) because this:

...and because I failed the spending ban and I'm not even mad.

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