Friday, July 31, 2015

Not Really Recipe | Fruit Fry

Recently I was watching a cooking video by one of my favorite beauty/lifestyle vloggers Beautycrush and at some point she fried some fruit and it never occurred to me that one could even do now I've been doing it like, all the time.

All you need is butter, fruit and whatever type of carb you're scarfing down in the morning--pancakes, french toast, waffles--whatever you want. The fruit I selected is plums because they're easy to slice and they have great flavor. Peaches, pears or even apples might work well too.

I think the plums with the red insides work best, they are way sweeter than the ones with the white insides (the darker the berry, right?). Slice them up into bite-sized chunks like so...
....I used butter for my frying oil, but when I did it the first time I used the more tart plums (seen here) so I actually added some syrup to the pan to sweeten them up (Sammi did this too).
It literally only takes about two minutes to saute them up until they brown a bit then you just dump them on your morning carb.
...add a couple dashes of cinnamon or even some Greek yogurt to amp up the flavor. 

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