Thursday, July 23, 2015

sloth on caffeine

I actually woke up in the AM. Like deep in the AM. I was so confused I stayed in bed for a while before I finally made breakfast and took up the task of keeping my eyes open without the help of caffeine (yet). What I wore has basically been my daily uniform, this dress is everything and layers so nicely under pullovers at night; seasonal fave.
When I finally hit up Panera for some espresso caramel frappa-whatever, the errand mission began; it mostly revolved around make up, which seems to become more important during the warmer months when I'm more likely to leave my apartment with my face uncovered. I picked up some bright metallic eye shadows including my third palette ever (I'm really not that into beauty actually) along with some lip colors and some more glitter liner. I'm hoping the Dior maximizer thing works, I'm loving the mascara so far (full comparison review coming soon) and the sales associate said that it can be used at night to make my lashes grow.
I also got some hair stuff; I only needed some more heat protectant, but there was a buy-1-get-1-free deal so I picked up this Shea Moisture leave in conditioner. I like the shampoo a lot so I'm hoping this works just as well, I'm not really a fan of using too many products on my hair so I'm also glad it was free.
 ...I'm gonna need another Glam Caddy for my nail polish soon, there is always a new polish I have to have--here's the latest for the summer palette I will definitely be using all of them within the next week or two in some new nail art looks.
After it finally went on sale I decided to pick up that pinafore I talked about before; I have so many shirts I want to wear with it and the long length is wonderful for keeping the mosquitoes from chewing me up.
Of course I ended the day with sushi.

...back to the daily grind I go.

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  1. I've been craving sushi forever...ahh your posts make me hungry. I love the dress and haul. I've been buying a ton of heat protection sprays lately...let me know how you like this one. Beyond The Zone stuff usually smells really good (from what I remember) so that's usually a plus.


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