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Some Reading | Big Brother 17 Week 4

Episode 10: Nobody Wants It

When is John going to play his own game…? Like, seriously? I’m getting bored with this pawn strategy.

Audrey getting voted out is like me having that black leather cape from Givenchy's fall/winter line; I want it so bad, but it just seems so unrealistic to me…

How is it that Jeff, who barely knows where he is or what is going on half the time, is a bigger threat than James who could legit sail to final four if they let him? Austin stays missing the mark and I think he’s playing with fire by working so closely with Vanessa—she’d totally ditch him for a stronger alliance with Audrey in a heartbeat—and Audrey barely knows how to keep an alliance with anyone at all.

On a very positive note, my faves Princess Becky and Princess Jackie are doing the damn thing and keeping it cute and lowkey, I haven’t even seen a DR appearance from them…these ladies are sneaking into to top six at least.

The Veto Comp

It was already decided by Vanessa that Audrey was to win the competition in order to ensure James’s exit. Unfortunately, she didn’t count on John actually being trained to roll in a giant dice (what exactly goes on at dental school tho?). I was rooting for him mainly because I think it’s dumb that he’s not in their alliance but they expect him to do things for their alliance.

After the competition Vanessa confronted Austin about trying to throw the competition and suddenly he finally started to feel the heat from the fire he was playing with...she was crying…he was throwing things…and now their alliance was in jeopardy. And if that type of emotional (actually, more like aggressive) behavior can get Da’vonne out of the house I hope his days are numbered.
When Jeff has a conference with Vanessa basically her whole plan to get James out instead of Audrey becomes secondary as he once again starts spreading information people already know and further digs a hole for himself…then of course Austin is forced to confront Jeff (in front of a smarmy-looking Clay and Shelli)--like all of this shit because no one wants to look like an asshole and get rid of the kind of psycho transgendered lady…?

Anyway I think putting Jeff up and possibly out of the house is not really the best plan for anyone like literally all he does is talk shit, but because he’s not in a position of power, it’s of no consequence.

Episode 11: Strategy Feels

James is like, doing his best to look like the "nonthreatening Asian dude" right now…I mean that’s all he has to do is pretend like he can’t win literally everything.

When the house starts to weigh the options between James and Jeff I realize Jeff has basically transformed into a pre-op version of Audrey. He’s literally going out of his way to stir things up for basically no reason. It’s so bizarre.

Why was the acting so bad when Shelli and Jeff were talking/reading their script? Maybe because he’s a horrible salesman…? Or maybe because Shelli is a wack ass, fake ass bitch…? I don’t know…maybe the producers need to pick a better cast.

After the blanket rendezvous between Jeff and Liz gets Austin all riled up, I really had no idea how the votes would fall--it all comes down to emotions and alliances; people are voting with their hearts instead of their heads.

The votes:

James out: Jackie, John, Steve, Liz (wow, she’s serious about running her own game)
Jeff out: Austin, Meg, Clay, Shelli, Jason, Becky, Audrey

Shelli and Liz as HOHs mean that the Sixth Sense alliance is the only one that is tried and true so far.

Episode 12: Judas Rising

The aftermath of the latest eviction is taking its toll: Steve is having conversations with himself. I pray for that kid all the time, he always just looks like he's losing even when he's not...

When they did the HOH room bit, I muted the letter reading part when Shelli was talking…I have an aversion to her voice; it’s sounds so shrill and entitled.

When the two HOHs deliberate with alliance members suddenly my two faves Jackie and Becky are thrown into the conversation. I’m annoyed. I mean Jackie is barely a threat, Becky, yes, because she’s a beast at competitions, but Jackie has a wonderful social game and she’s genuinely intelligent.

When Jackie goes to Shelli after Austin’s clumsy attempt to manipulate her fails, she makes a power play that sends a ripple in the house’s strongest alliance…I was so proud of her.

After a conference with Vanessa, it’s confirmed, Austin is very close to getting burned…and suddenly Jason is the target? Because he’s a threat to someone? Oh wait, according to Audrey who’s a crazy person. Still.

Nominations: James and Jackie from Liz and Jason and John (like basically all the Js left except the twin)

After the ceremony Liz and Jackie talked as if Liz was the head of a sorority Jackie wasn't white enough to get into. It was so irritating. And so catty. And basically the reason why women almost never win Big Brother.

Shelli confirms Audrey is on that shit again and tells Jason. It all comes down to the BoB regardless so I didn’t really care. Not to mention the fact that Audrey is simply never sitting in that nomination chair. Ever. I don’t care how many “concerns” Shelli has.

When the twins switch and I kind of loved that Liz admitted to using that pussy power to get herself farther in the game. I feel like she learned that from her sorority days…

BoB competition

I was really rooting for John and Jason because one is basically up there because apparently that’s his job and the other because Audrey hasn’t stopped being a loon.

I was happy James and Jackie got it though because it means one of my faves has a chance to start playing a real game and one of the strongest players will continue to quietly fuck shit up.

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