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Some Reading | Big Brother 17 Week 2

I see Jace’s threatening presence as much as I see the resemblance between Meg and Taylor Swift. It’s kinda there, but not really…

EPISODE 4: Early Distractions

Jace is informed by his bro Austin that he is a target because like…what is doing…?

Audrey and James continue to make fake alliances…I think Da’vonne and Audrey are really the only ones I see being loyal to each other so far…but who knows.

Jeff goes all scared of black people on Da’vonne and I’m like, gurl please keep the Ingawood INSIDE YOUR HEART. Yes, he was being a little overly suspect of her moving throughout the house, but he could have just asked nicely…and he definitely didn't need to stir up shit with Shelli and Clay.

On that point, Clay can get his pretty ass on back to Texas I’m so over him. I’m over any white person coming for a black girl on having a “negative attitude” just because she told them the truth about themselves. Like, BYE. He needs to just sit there, play out his little mommy complex with Shelli and keep it cute.

Now Audrey is doing damage control, which prompts Clay to make a fake ass apology, which Da'vonne was fully aware of. Poor thing is too smart for this game and I’m afraid it will be her early undoing.

Then they do the Veto competition where people start making up words…

When Jeff once again criticizes Jackie for losing, I’m like, JEFF, BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING ASIDE FROM CAUSING DRAMA WITH PEOPLE? At least the bitch is trying to make moves. I highly doubt she will carry him through the competition unless she is that desperate for dick.

I’m so proud of Steve. I just want that loser to win whenever he can :)

After the competition, Audrey is doing THE MOST, much more than my sloth ass can ever imagine--apparently at 5 A.M. too.

Aww Jace cried when he was nominated for eviction…I kinda felt bad for the guy. I mean the only reason people came for him is because he was too likeable, which is kinda petty.

EPISODE 5: Later Bro

Jace basically accuses James of violating the rule #1039843 of the bro code, “thou shalt not nominate bro”.

His sincerity is endearing as he passionately rallies for himself. I was here for him going off on Audrey.

Side note: So Liz and Julia are twins. I swear one has fake boobs so that might give it away. So far, I don’t really care.

Everybody, but Audrey’s crazy ass votes to evict Jace. I’m wondering how it will play out when people figure it out…I feel like she’ll tell them herself though because she’s kind of stupid.

Becky gets HOH--yessssss!

Shelli gets HOH--nooooooo :(

EPISODE 6: She cute doe

Audrey’s at her nonsense again and now people are wearing their sunglasses indoors--damn, it’s only week two.

I’m seriously living for Da’vonne, she already had Audrey halfway out the door; ghetto clapping and everything as she gathered her receipts and blew up all the deception (honestly, it might have scared the white people even more).

Later both HoHs Shelli and Becky talk pawns with Audrey as the new backdoor target…I found it interesting that Shelli didn’t want Audrey to feel “unhappy or attacked” because that means Audrey’s transgender status is working in her favor, leaving the target spot open for………Da’vonne? Oh, of course, the mouthy black chick who told them about themselves, yup she’s definitely a threat even though she hasn’t won a single competition nor has she directly targeted anyone in the house and only became a threat after literally walking around.

I mean I’m annoyed because Da’ is actually the one they should keep in the house because her boisterous attitude is a distraction from any real game play…we have seen characters like this in the past with a bigger bark than bite, rocking the boat all the way until the end. It’s hard for me to believe they think someone who is so upfront with their character is a bigger threat than someone who has been lying to everyone from the moment they opened their mouth. I mean, do Shelli and Clay realize Da’vonne probably wouldn’t trust them outside of the house anyway...? 
Other notes: Becky finally explains why her face looks a little wonky: she’s been bitch-slapped by a train. I’m wondering if surviving that type of traumatic experience will give her to boldness to confront Shelli or Clay when she realizes they lied to her…

Nominations: Da’ and John from Shelli and Jason and Steve from Becky.

BoB Competition

I love how organized Jason and Steve were and at least Da’vonne still has the veto and Jason on her side. Her performance during the competition was unfortunate and hopefully not an indication of her strategy long term.

Seeing how irrationally vindictive Shelli is and how bat shit crazy Audrey is makes me think back to the time Da’ did not want to pick either one of them for safety with that first twist. It’s like she knew they were kind of shady people and sort of wanted to make it known in a passive aggressive way…?

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